The waiting curve

The growth curve (Is. 40:31)

Have you ever watched as a baby is learning to walk? I have and I must say that it is one of the cutest things that a person can observe.  The process of watching a child learn to take steps may be cute to us but to the baby it is the hardest thing in the world. It begins first with the scoot, then they graduate to the crawl which leads them to learning to stand up then to the first step accompanied by man falls but eventually they learn how to keep their bodies up and move.  At first the steps are helped along by holding onto something or someone who is stronger than them but ultimately, they get to the point where no help is needed instead it’s time to be on guard because they have more access.  Much like the process of babies learning to be proficient in walking our walk with learning to wait on God goes.  We start out scooting trying to figure out how to maneuver in this new place and the more we try the more we grow.  This is an encouragement that you don’t have to do it all at once or even know how to wait properly all at once. Learning to wait is a process just like learning to walk is for a baby. Don’t be discouraged if it seems like everyone has this thing together because no one does, not even the one penning this post today.  We all grow in the things of God day by day and I want to encourage you to keep the faith and take one step at a time.  Eventually you will learn your own strength but in the meantime, it’s okay to lean on others for help steadying yourself. God desires that we all lean on him as we wait. Join us tonight as we learn about the waiting process of Joseph from the pit to the palace.  See you soon friend and happy waiting! It’s only a test and with God’s help you will pass it! Be blessed


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