The power of getting still

When it’s time to launch (A continued walk through Isaiah 40:31)

Can I be honest with you this morning? Trying to discern the voice of God is not always easy for me. Yes, I said it, it’s not always easy and let me tell you why: I don’t always sit still long enough to hear his voice. Like many others when I think of getting still I think of sitting reading, praying, watching a few sermons, writing a devotional, reading a magazine, scrolling through etc. None of which is indicative of getting still but if I am honest getting still makes me nervous. Getting still to me conjures up many fears such as the fear of missing God, letting others down if I am not doing anything and the dreaded thoughts that I have yet to tame like I am not good enough if I am not doing something productive. Okay before we go any further let me define being still because I don’t want you to think it’s going into a trance chanting “num yum rancio” (see What’s Love Got to Do With It for more information lol) instead it is getting a place of rest where we cease from doing our own thing instead silencing all the noise around us. This can include limiting television, social media, a thousand sermons, talking on the phone as much, setting aside some tasks to get silent before the Lord. Getting still before the Lord means that you rest in him knowing trusting that eventually he will speak because it’s not always with a loud voice in which he speaks. Getting still before God means quieting yourself and leaning into him to hear the whisper of his voice. Sounds easy, right? No, it doesn’t but getting still is exactly what eagles do to discern when to take off. After viewing a few YouTube videos watching the way the eagles take off and land there are two things I have learned it’s in their stillness that prepares them to launch and they rest up high.  Resting up high allows them to see their prey and what the enemy is doing while sensing the wind that is coming. The eagle resting up high allows them to get still because they understand the higher that they go the enemy cannot get to them much like our walk with God. When we come up higher through prayer, praise and worship we are more clearly able to discern the enemy’s movements but more importantly the wind of God propelling us forward.  It’s when we get closer to God we can rest because we trust that as we rest he will speak. When we do as the eagle and rest high we will no longer question should we wait or launch. It’s in this season I believe that God is calling many of us to soar but to be effective we must get still to discern the wind of God’s voice. We learn God’s voice more clearly by spending intentional alone time with him daily through reading his word and continually conversing with him through prayer. If you are wondering how to begin fine tuning the voice of God join us tonight at 6pm EST on our Ministry Facebook page as we study Elijah’s encounter with discerning the voice of God.  I pray that your day is great and that your stillness leads to a greater launch.


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