What does it mean to wait upon..?

What does it mean to wait upon? (A walk-through Is. 40:31 continued)

There is a poem by Langston Hughes entitled “Mother to son” in which a mother encourages her son to keep going no matter what life brings. She has the authority to say this to him because her life hasn’t been a crystal stair instead it’s been full of bumps and bruises but somehow, she kept landing on her feet. She never lost the faith instead she kept climbing not allowing the vicissitudes of life to hinder her determination to succeed. She could confidently say this because she understood who was in control so that too away her fear of sharing all that she endured to get the type of faith that she has. I don’t know about you but sometimes I sit and wonder how is it that those who have gone before us were able to endure so much while making it look so easy.  I am sure that this woman in the poem had many doubts, sorrowful nights filled with tears and many questions to the Lord about when her season would change but she kept pressing while waiting for God to move on her behalf. In my imagination, I envision this woman to be one of faith in Jesus Christ that got the revelation of what it means to wait upon the Lord.  I am sure like, Paul she grew in learning how to be content while trusting God because with every turn she learned something new about God and herself. Although we can observe the fruit of the testimonies of great people one must wonder what exactly does it mean to wait upon the Lord.  The Hebrew word that is used is qavah which means to bind together by means of twisting, collect, gather together, expect, look, patiently, tarry and wait for upon. These are all great words but how do we put it into practice in our own lives? In the purest form waiting upon the Lord means that we are so intertwined with God that we trust IN him with no doubt. We simply believe that no matter what we see or don’t see that God is in control and that nothing catches him by surprise.  If you find yourself wavering in your belief of these truths don’t worry that’s normal because it’s on this journey of waiting your convictions will get stronger. Like the mother speaking to her son your life’s experiences will cause you to trust in him with no doubt because the bible will become alive in your life daily.  As you wait you will grow in strength because it’s in the wait you learn truly who God is and how to press forward forgetting those things that are pass and press toward the mark of what is ahead. If you want to go deeper on how to move forward join us tonight at 6pm EST on our Facebook page (see link below) as we study Paul and how he could confidently stand on that his future is better than his past (Phil. 3:13-14).  I pray your day is great and that your wait is that much easier because you find strength in him alone.




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