Where is this place called wait?

Where is this place called wait? A walk-through Isaiah 40:31

In life, we are given promises from God and undoubtedly the promise includes a place called wait. Wait is not a fun place to be but if we position ourselves like the eagle does the wait becomes a resting place versus a place of aggravation.  It’s in this place of wait that we get renewed, strengthened for the journey, get direction for the next place and even learn how to rest in God.  As I am writing this I can just hear the rebuttals saying, “my season of wait isn’t producing any of this instead I am being punished.” You may be thinking “oh she’s a super saint who has always been okay with waiting!” which is the furthest thing from the truth. I have learned that when I take my focus off the object promised and put it on the one who is in control it’s the best place to be. The truth is that if our focus is not on the author of the wait it will be gruesome, aggravating and even seem like pure punishment. I have learned that through this season of wait that if we look at anything or anyone else in this place we are surely to fail. Isaiah 40:31 begins by saying “Those that wait on the Lord” and in some translations, it says “hope in the Lord” which means that the place called wait is really a place of hope. A place where we surrender of our desires of how the promise is manifested to our Lord. In this place of wait we recognize that we have no strength to make it happen instead we rest in God for him to fulfill his word, after all it is his will for it to come to pass not ours. In this place of wait we must rest in knowing that God is in control and has a perfect timing for everything. Many of us believe that we have rested in this place but the truth of our actions tell a different story. Hoping and waiting in God doesn’t mean that we don’t have anything to do in the process it simply means that we’ll take a seat until we discern God’s voice leading us to an action.  It means that like the eagle in Isaiah 40 we understand that the wind of the spirit directs our life. If you are interested in discussing how to apply this in your own personal life join us tonight on the Chosen Vessel’s Prayer Ministries Facebook Page at 6pm for a quick study on Hannah and what we can learn from her.  Don’t forget to email us directly at chosenvesselm@gmail.com if you are interested in a live small group study on Waiting which is separate from the blog and the teaching on Facebook.


I pray that your day is great and that as you wait you see God with much clearer eyes!


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