This place called wait!

Good morning!!!  Many of you have probably wondered where has Chosen Vessel’s been over the last two months. To be honest I was wondering where Chosen Vessel’s was as well because of where God had me. It wasn’t comfortable but it was necessary to be able to be ready for this next level in my life and in this ministry. I’ve been in a place called rest while I wait on the manifestation of the promises of God.  Over these past few years God has spoken to me about some major life changing things coming but guess what?!?! It’s been years with absolutely no sign that I heard right nor that the manifestation was on the horizon. Ecclesiastes 3 is right, in the proper season and time it will all come to pass and  it’s just now in this season that I am seeing manifestation of the promises. So this is where I’ve been and I know most of you can relate because you are there as well…a place called waiting. I am not sure what you’re waiting for but I am sure that you’ve struggled, cried, been frustrated, doubted you heard clearly, maybe even been angry at God, blamed others for it not coming to pass and so much more. For some of you guys it seems as if the object of your wait will never come to pass but I promise you that it will. The object of your wait may seem more like a burden mocking you for even believing that it could happen to you but it’s not mocking you it’s absolutely going to champion you to your own place called “home” I know for sure that it will because the bible says it will.  Over the next six weeks we will be discussing through blogs, videos, devotionals and even an optional small group study on this place called wait. Over the next six (6) weeks (not promising daily but definitely each Tuesday) we will break down Is. 40:31 and discuss the following:

  • While waiting where should our focus be
  • What does waiting really mean
  • How to stay encouraged when it doesn’t look like anything is happening
  • Did you hear clearly
  • How to discern when it’s time to take off and soar vs. when God is saying wait
  • And so much more

If you find yourself interested in taking this journey with us please contact us asap by emailing us directly at for more information.

Also don’t forget to like our Facebook page ( because there are a lot of free video teachings that will be there as well.

I am looking forward to taking this journey with you



His Chosen Vessel!!!


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